So I can be with you again. Faster.

Getting vaccinated can bring us all back together. Faster.

So we can be together again. Faster.

About this campaign

This is a voluntary effort of a wide variety of people working together to promote Covid-19 vaccine acceptance and help speed a recovery from this pandemic.

Bruce Anderson (spark*advocacy and Abacus Data) along with Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canadian Labour Congress have been convening a group effort, the list of current participants is below, and is expanding regularly.

How can I find out where to get vaccinated and when?

Each province in Canada has responsibility for administering vaccines. To find out when and where you can get your shot, please click on the link for your provincial government’s relevant web site

So I can Go places again. Faster.

Campaign Participants

    Join us,
    so we can open our doors again. Faster.

    How can I help the Faster Together campaign?

    This campaign makes creative materials in a variety of shapes and sizes and for different applications (TV, digital, out of home, social shareables, etc). If you can help get these messages in front of more people, please drop us a line or

    Getting vaccinated can bring us all back together. Faster.